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Showcase Recruiting was developed to educate, prepare, and mentor student-athletes and their families throughout the collegiate recruiting process, and this remains our mission. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to get recruited and ensure there is no stone left unturned.


Any college coach will admit that the pace of recruiting has accelerated and there is no sign of it slowing down. Everything in athletics is competition and there is no exception for coaches seeking new, young talent. Understanding how to get coaches to be competing for you, is a process. A process that is very overwhelming if you are not prepared. 


Each year, high school seniors travel off to their prospective colleges and sports programs only to return after just a few months, devastated that their dream was nothing close to what they had imagined it to be. Years of dedication and sacrifice all for nothing. Unfortunately, without the proper tools and education, this is an experience that is far too common. Showcase Recruiting strives to ensure their student athletes do not fall into this category by assisting with preparation to make the right choices.


By the Numbers (all sports male and female)

Athletes in High School


Athletes in NCAA sports


% of HS athletes who play NCAA sports


% of NCAA athletes who go Pro


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